Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easy Sewing Project

A great first time sewing project for kids
7 year old sewing on her own
     I wanted to share a cute project I did with my girls a few days ago.  These are designed for kids 8+ to make.  My girls are 5 and 7 so there was a bit more supervision required.  We loved them!  It was the perfect, quick, project that we could create and they could play with right away.  The kit came with all the materials you'd need except scissors.  The needles are flexible and dull which made them perfect for using with felt and little fingers.  Did I mention that the holes are already in the felt for even easier sewing?  Love these!  They're great to help with...
hand-eye coordination, following directions and developing fine motor skills.

MADE BY:  "My Studiogirl"  As far as I can tell they sell a Make-Your-Own Travel Buddies Mouse, Bunny, and Monkey.  (around $10 for entire kit-I've seen them at Michaels and Walmart)

Teaching 4 Moments easy sewing project for kids

The kit comes with all the felt you'll need (animal, "its" stuffed toy, blanket, and pillow), stickers for decorating the tin suitcase, 2 child-safe plastic needles, thread, tin suitcase, and stuffing for the insides.  

first time sewing project

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