Monday, April 28, 2014

Teaching Values-Character Education

By posting one card at a time as a reminder, these value cards will be help to reinforce values.
Value Cards

Several years ago I came across a great tip about teaching Values.  Linda and Richard Eyre have written many books about teaching children and this little gem has stayed with me for years.  (I don't recall the exact book where they talked about this, but I'm sure this thought came from them.)

 I don't know about you, but I often wonder if I'm teaching all of the values that are important to me in my day to day life to my kids. 

Schools seem to be increasingly devoid of character education and...
I feel that more than any other time in history, our children desperately need this direction.  Without adopting an entire curriculum for your classroom (something that is unfortunately out of the public teachers control), here's a quick way to at least remind yourself to bring up values in your everyday interactions with children.

The idea is to post one value each week where you can see it.  At your desk, near the calendar, attached to the corner of your computer, by your clock, or somewhere else that is going to be seen.  Pick a new place each week if that helps!  The thought is that if we have decided to focus on one value a week then we will be more apt to bring the value up in conversation and during the many teaching moments that happen in any given day.  By even devoting one minute to a value each day you will be giving your students a good foundation for how we all should be trying to treat each other as we live together as citizens in our communities.  You can certainly spend more time on these values, but I promise this will  help you to feel that you're at least exposing your children to some great concepts.  I would love to hear your ideas on how you can bring these values into your everyday teaching!  

Go to my TPT store for a free download of the values I've written up, or simply create your own.  I have 35 values on my forms and with there being about 36 weeks in a typical school year, you'll be all set!  I printed mine on white card stock, put on black paper, cut out and laminated.

Simple concept, but it really helps!

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