Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Growing Plants with Kids

Growing plants
Does this look familiar to any other homeschool families? Planting galore...
I walked past my window sill this morning and realized that my own potted plants have been replaced by the kids' experiments and growing treasures.  It didn't happen all at once, but here we are, one plant after another, and my own growing treasures have been pushed aside.  

I actually love this part of being a mom.  Ok, so I don't love the dirt, the often spilled water droplets and the grass clippings when Miss Suzie gets her haircut.  I DO, however, love how excited my kids get when they see that something they have nourished is alive and well.  I know that these experiments will cease to exist on my window sill one day when the kids are older, so until then I'm trying to cherish (deal with) the mess every day.

We do a lot of planting at this house.  In fact, if I hadn't gone into teaching I would have ventured into horticulture, or some kind of landscaping design.  I love plants!  We've moved around a lot in the last several years and I still can't stop the urge to construct a garden everywhere I go, and try to make our yard nicer than when we got there.  In the past five years I've actually had 6 different yards to tackle.  I know, I know, that's a lot of moving.  (To explain all of that moving would take several more blog posts, so...moving on...)

With all of these different yards to work in, I've found some of my favorite plants to grow, and others that I will forever avoid with a passion.  I'll add some posts about those plants on another day.  

What have you grown with your kids lately?  

Here's a list of a few plants...
that are easy to grow and very difficult to mess up, so no need for a green thumb.  They grow quickly, and kids can see results right away.  

Don't forget to water and give your plants plenty of sun!

Green Beans
Snap Peas
Cherry Tomatoes
growth of a green bean plant
Growth from a seed, to germination, to seedling, to green bean plant.
Kids LOVE to grow plants, I hope you give it a try!

You can find this hands-on Green Bean Life Cycle manipulative at Michaels.  They're part of a series called, Safariology.  Since live plants are so fragile, these are nice to have around so that your kids can handle them without the fear of destruction.  They'r also great for explaining the growing process.  

Enjoy your sunshine and plant something!

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