Thursday, May 8, 2014

Metal Earth

Metal Earth, 3D laser cut model
Metal Earth 3D laser cut model in the palm of my 9year old son's hand.

So I wanted to share a great teaching toy today!  I've actually got several other toys and games in mind that I seem to ALWAYS recommend to friends and fellow teachers, so I'll definitely have some future posts on this topic as well. (And no, I'm not being compensated for this endorsement.  I just love to share great things I've found!)  

Metal Earth, 3D laser cut model
Metal Earth:  P-51 Mustang

This toy TODAY is one that I recently learned about.  My sister returned from a conference where these kits were given away by the vendors.  She thought right away that our family would love them! She was right, we think they're great.  Several of them found their way into our Easter baskets, so we were thrilled.

 It's a laser cut 3D model that you...
put together by snapping the metal pieces into place.  The end product is this amazingly detailed tiny replica of a real object.  There is even a bit of history on the back of each kit. They have a huge collection of planes, historical buildings, tanks, pirate ships, trains, windmills, and even a Star Wars series!

The recommended age on the kit is actually 14+  I was really hoping this was not quite accurate, but alas, it was.  If you have children younger than 14, be prepared to put most of it together yourself.  It's tiny, a bit fragile and the metal can be sharp if you're not careful.  To be honest, I actually know more adult men that would LOVE these models even more than my own kids.  (Isn't Fathers Day coming up...)

With that being said, it was fun to do with my nine and ten year old and we can't wait to put together some more.  The incredible detail lends itself to lots of discussion about the engineering and architecture.  Check them out if you have a builder or history buff in your house. You can find these kits at teacher stores and a bunch of places online.   ($7-$12 depending on the kit)  They are made by the company, Fascinations.  Self proclaimed, "Wonders created by Physicists".  They have a lot of other great teaching toys if you want to check them out!

If you want to Oooooh and Ahhhhh over their products like I did, here's a peek at their 2014 CATALOG.  Enjoy!

Metal Earth 3D laser cut model
Metal Earth kit-comes with a 4 inch sheet of the model pieces.


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