Friday, June 20, 2014

Duct Tape Nature Walk

Teaching 4 Moments-Duct tape bracelet for nature walks
Duct Tape bracelet for nature walks (this pic. was in the fall)
Teaching 4 Moments-Duct tape bracelets for nature walks
Nature walk discovery

Duct tape for nature walks is essential in our house!
Wrap the tape, sticky side out, around your wrist or waist to create...
...a great collecting tool.  When your walk is done, cut the tape off and examine what you found.  Mount on card stock for even longer viewing.  Kids love to check out what they each have discovered.  The bubble wand shown here, as well as little ants that later crawled onto our tape, brought out lots of great discussion this particular day.  These would also make a great collage art project. For older kids, have them identify and write on their paper what the items are that they found.  Don't forget to go on another walk in a different season to compare what was in nature at that time.

 **Important Tip:
Before putting your bracelet on it's a good idea to have a jacket or light weight shirt sleeves covering your arm first.  While the duct tape is facing away from your skin, it still has a way of grabbing a few hairs here and there on arms.  Ouch!  (Unfortunately learned from experience)

Teaching 4 Moments-Examining the "finds" from our duct tape bracelet nature walk
Watching an ant crawl and then get stuck on our tape

Teaching 4 Moments-Duct tape bracelet nature walk
Checking out the treasures

A few questions to ask for discussion:  

What plants were found?
Why are these in nature at this time of year?
What do you notice about the colors of items found?
What other items were found that are not plants?
Why are they in our environment?
Do we have an impact on our environment?
How do people change nature around us? 
Which items do we think are the most important?  
Is there any danger from the things we found?

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