Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ring Toss Game

How to make an easy ring toss
Make an easy Ring Toss!

I thought I'd show you a quick and easy ring toss game to make for a fun fall activity!  I made this a few days ago and my kids have loved it!  (We'll be using it during homeschool as well for a reward from the goals they're working on)  Also great for a fall carnival, festival, Halloween party, birthday get the idea.  :)


2 Poster boards (I used the extra thick, foam kind)
Paint (I used red, white, blue, black, yellow)
Lolly pops
Nail, slightly smaller than the stick on your lolly pops
Construction paper and glue (I used these to make the small triangles on the banner-use paint for these if you don't want to bother with the construction paper)
Duct Tape
Flying discs (found these at party city-light enough to not destroy the game!)
Optional (wood to place behind board to keep it stable)

Here's a close up view of the game:

teaching4moments-easy to make ring toss game
close up of ring toss
Step 1:  Measure out where you want you Lolly pops to be.  Use your nail to poke holes into the poster board at a downward angle where you want the lolly pops to sit.  If  you nail is slightly smaller than the sticks, these will fit snuggly.  Paint it how you'd like!  I added black paint surrounding each hole to make them stand out better on the red.

Step 2:  Let it dry!  While you're waiting for it to dry, cut out two triangles from your other piece of poster board.  Use the extra poster board to decorate the top portion of the game that will be attached when it's dry.  (the triangles are to be used for support in the back.  If you're using wood, omit this step)

Step 3:  When all paint is dry, attach triangles on the back as a stand and the top portion to the game with duct tape.  Attach a piece of wood to the back for more stability if you'd like.  (note-in the photo below I ended up not using the triangles.  I used a wood board on the bottom, with some brackets I had lying around as well as a bunch of duct tape.)

Ring toss game
Back of the ring toss

Ring toss game
Back of ring toss game-not pretty, but very stable!  

Step 4:  Play!  Have the kids throw the rings at the board.  Whatever it rings around, they get to keep! Have fun!
teaching4moments, easy to ring toss game
Cute ring toss game!  


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